Indoor Air Quality (and How to Protect It)

Indoor Air Quality We spend an average of 90% of our lives indoors. Yes, that’s almost 90% of our days spent watching TV, laying on couches and most importantly, breathing indoor air. Although it may seem like your home is your safe haven, every indoor space is prone to dust, dirt, pet dander, mold and other particles which can worsen air quality and obstruct healthy breathing. Maintenance of air quality is essential because it ensures

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4 Reasons to Replace Air Conditioning Filters

Do your A/C filters need some love? Filters are the secret weapon to collecting all the dust and dirt particles you do not want floating through your home. When your air system doesn’t work at its optimum level, you’ll notice the difference and probably suffer. A clean filter does far more than collect pesky particles; it keeps your HVAC system functioning well and prevents HVAC failure or costly repairs. If you have pollen, dust or

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