Chicago Furnace Installation & Replacement Services

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Chicago Furnace Installation & Replacement Services

The environment in the Chicago, IL area ranges from howling winds and frigid temperatures in the winter, to hot, sticky and humid temperatures in the heat of summer. The weather is unpredictable at best, and it’s always wise to have your furnace working at peak efficiency from the fall through until the following spring. By keeping it running smoothly and well maintained, you can feel at ease knowing it will serve you well whenever it’s called upon.

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Is Furnace Replacement a Waste of Money?

Many homeowners like to squeeze every last bit of life out of their furnace before replacing it, to avoid having to pay for a new one. It’s true that a new furnace is a major expense, but it’s also a major investment. A new furnace is a big selling feature and will raise the value of your home. Getting a new furnace also means your older model has been replaced by a newer, more energy efficient model that will lower your heating bills. So, the answer to the question is a resounding no!

When Your Thermostat and Furnace Don’t Agree

One sign that you need to have someone look at your furnace for possible repair, is when you set a temperature on your thermostat and the furnace can’t make it happen. The reason you have a programmable thermostat is so you can enjoy the exact temperature you want, so if it isn’t working you should have someone come in and take a look. There may be an issue with the thermostat, the sensors, blowers, motor or an electrical component.

Furnace Filters Need Attention, Too

With so much attention paid to other parts of your furnace, the filter often gets neglected. You’ll get it changed by the technician if you have annual maintenance, but it needs to be changed every three months to keep your heating system running efficiently. Find out how to change it yourself, or schedule a visit every few months to keep the filter clean and the furnace running well.

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