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Chicago Heat Pump Repair, Replacement & Installation Services

If your home uses a heat pump to provide comfort throughout the year, you already know how efficient and convenient this system can be. With all the heating and cooling methods available out there, it’s always advisable to find one that fits your budget, ideals and overall preference. A heat pump is an older technology that is growing in popularity among homeowners due to its ability to provide quality heating and cooling, depending on the time of year.

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The Heat Pump at Work

When a heat pump is working, it is circulating a refrigerant through a continuous cycle of evaporation and condensation, transferring heat from one spot to another spot. Depending on what kind of air is needed at the time, a heat pump will replace the warm summer air with cooled air or the cold winter air with warm air. A heat pump doesn’t require additional energy to operate, as it uses either the outside air or ground temperatures to change the indoor temperature.

Heat Pump Advantages

When a heat pump system is in place, you have fewer moving parts getting the job done, which translates to less maintenance and less need for repairs as the system ages. Heat pumps are also more energy efficient than systems using electricity, natural gas or propane, so there is a saving on your energy bills. Many homeowners consider heat pumps more of an eco-friendly option, which helps the conscience feel good on top of the financial savings and ease of use.

Finding an Experienced Service Provider

Having your heat pump repaired or having a new one installed in your home requires professional service, not a DIY approach. Despite the fact they are easy to run and maintain, heat pump systems are still complex mechanisms filled with wires, pumps, condensers, coils, pipes and ductwork. The margin for error is small, so search for a local service provider that has specific experience with heat pump repair and installation. The local element makes it easier for you to research their work and provides greater accountability.

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