Begin the Process of Seeking Clean Air

Ways to Clean and Sanitize Your Indoor Air One: Add Decorative Beeswax or Soy Candles to a Home Many of our customers complain about the dirty and smelly air in their Chicago homes, but there are unique ways to improve air quality without spending a fortune. Natural beeswax or soy candles are perfect for cleaning the air inside a home. It is best to buy candles made without artificial dyes or perfumes to avoid allergic

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Maintenance, Air Ducts, and All of the Above

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Your A/C Unit Your air conditioning unit has the most important job in the summer – to keep you and your family cool and comfortable on hot days. In order to perform this task well, it is important to take good care of your unit. When it comes to providing proper care for your unit, knowledge is power. In fact, learning about your air conditioning unit can save you

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Use These Ways to Save You Money this Season

5 Unexpected Ways to Save on Cooling Costs There are some pretty well-known ways to save on your summer cooling costs, such as making sure cracks and gaps around doors and windows are sealed or keeping your thermostat set higher, but there are also some unexpected ways to save on cooling costs you may not have thought of. Add Insulation Insulation is not just good for improving the heating of your home. Added insulation in

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Lower the Levels of Humidity

3 Tips for Normalizing Humidity in Your Home Many homeowners may not pay too much attention to indoor humidity levels within their homes, but it is important to do so. Mold, dust mites and other microorganisms tend to thrive much better in the presence of warm temperatures and moisture which can exacerbate allergy and asthma symptoms. Indoor air that has high moisture content can also cause damage to paint and other building materials. Additionally, relying

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The Trends to Follow for Your HVAC System

The Top 5 Heating and Air Conditioning Trends Homeowners can find that taking advantage of the latest HVAC industry trends can provide them with a range of important benefits. Changing regulations, the falling cost of more sophisticated climate control devices and equipment and the development of new technology has resulted in features such as: Systems Designed for Optimum Energy-Efficiency Sound Reduction for Quieter Operation Smarter Temperature Control Settings and Interface Options System Access Through Smartphones

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A Tune-Up Makes a Huge Difference

Why is an HVAC Tune-Up Vital for Optimal Performance? If you are like many homeowners, you hate to spend money on something that you really are not going to see. The truth is that we all like tangible benefits, which is why so many people skip their annual HVAC inspection and cleaning. You cannot actually see the benefits in hand, so it almost seems like a waste of money. However, your HVAC tune-up is vital

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Want to Save Money This Month? Change Your Thermostat Settings

Ideal Thermostat Settings For Every Season The home’s thermostat is how the homeowner is able to control the temperature throughout the home. Homeowners have to concentrate not only on ensuring that the temperature throughout the home is constantly at a comfortable level, but also that the comfortable temperature will not make the energy bill skyrocket. Why Do Ideal Thermostat Settings Change With The Seasons? The ideal thermostat setting for a home will change with the

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Look in the Past About Your HVAC Unit

The History of the HVAC Unit The HVAC unit is an essential part of the household. It not only helps cool the area and establish a comfortable environment, but it is also responsible for filtering indoor air, improving its quality. The earliest patents for air conditioning units were not at all like the systems that so many people use today. After many mechanical adjustments and innovations over the years, the first experiments with electromechanical cooling

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Save Energy by Changing Air Filters

Signs Your Air Duct Needs Cleaning or Repair Your home’s air ducts are the main artilleries in your HVAC system. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to pump cool or hot air into all the rooms in your home. Like anything else, your air ducts need cleaning and/or repair from time to time. If you ignore your air ducts, your home’s air quality will decrease and it’ll lead to more expensive problems in the future

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The Reasons Why to Replace Air Filters

How Often Should You Change Your HVAC Filter Changing the HVAC filters is the least expensive thing you can do to maintain your cooling system in a proper working condition. Dirt, mold and air pollutants can tag along health complications to the inhabitants and also reduce the equipment’s durability and workability requiring one to carry out expensive repairs or if need be, replacement of the entire system. Additionally, with the rise in economic hardships, many

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