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We’ve been the trusted choice for Lincolnshire, Illinois HVAC services for nearly 30 years.

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For nearly 30 years, TDH Mechanical has been a trusted provider of Lincolnshire HVAC services. Not only are we Chicagoland’s largest HVAC contractor, but we’re also proud to be known as Chicagoland’s Most Trusted Trane dealer! We’re committed to ensuring that your home stays comfortable and safe, year-round. 

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Lincolnshire Air Conditioning

As your Lincolnshire Illinois air conditioning company, you can count on us for fast, affordable air conditioning installation and repair services.  No matter what make and model you own, we have the techs, tools, and training to repair your AC unit.  Need a new air conditioning unit?  We offer the industries top Trane air conditioners to keep your home protected from the heat.

Lincolnshire Heating

Looking to prepare your home for the cold months ahead? At TDH Mechanical, we deliver reliable Lincolnshire HVAC services that include industry-leading Lincolnshire heating systems. Our installations are quick, ensuring that your home never goes long without heating. We also offer same-day service for repairs on furnaces and heaters to help you stay comfortable year-round.

Lincolnshire Indoor Air Quality

Your Lincolnshire indoor air quality is an important maintenance aspect of your home that is often overlooked. From minor allergens to serious hazards, your air ducts can collect years’ worth of dust, mold, and debris. That’s why we offer several solutions to keep your Lincolnshire’s home air quality as clean as possible—at a price you can afford.

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When your Lincolnshire home needs heating, cooling, or ventilation service, go to the one-stop source you can rely on for top-quality service every time. Choose TDH Mechanical and get the AC and furnace maintenance and installation solutions you need at a price you can afford. Give our friendly team a call to learn more, or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote today!

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There is no problem too small or overwhelming for our team to tackle. We treat each and every service call with the same level of urgency, whether it’s a new furnace installation or air duct cleaning. All of our technicians carry a customer-first mindset, allowing you to benefit from unparalleled workmanship and a close attention to detail. Our goal is the same as yours: to help you experience a truly comfortable home environment without unexpected interruptions from your heating and cooling system.

Lincolnshire, Illinois

The first inhabitants of what would become the village of Lincolnshire were Native American Potawatomi migrants from Canada and Wisconsin. The tribesmen left these northern places in the 16th century in search of a warmer, more temperate climate. The first Europeans to visit the area were the French Jesuit explorers Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet. Shortly after arriving in 1673 at the site of what later became Waukegan, they sailed down the Des Plaines River and made contact with the local Potawatomi, who would dominate the area by 1768. One of the Potawatomi villages that they encountered stretched along the west bank of the Des Plaines River, from what later became Illinois Route 22 south to Aptakisic Road, the first real settlement in the Lincolnshire and Half Day region.

The Lincolnshire area was originally a part of the town of Half Day, the first region settled by non-Native American peoples in Lake County. The first white settler in the Lincolnshire area was Captain Daniel Wright, who arrived in 1834. Chief Halfda allowed Wright to build his cabin at the south end of the Potawatomi village at the site of the intersection of present-day Milwaukee Avenue and Aptakisic Road. The Potawatomi tribesmen were ousted a year later in the 1833 Treaty of Chicago, which was implemented two years after its ratification, and faced relocation.

The Half Day area experienced an economic boom with the arrival of new settlers during the two decades after Wright’s arrival. Among these pioneers were Seth Washburn, the first postmaster of the Vernon Township, who settled at the site of what later became the Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103’s Half Day Intermediate School, and Laura Sprague, the first teacher to reside in the area. By 1855, 21 years after the settling of the Half Day area by Wright, the town was a thriving community with a blacksmith’s shop, sawmill, country store, and a church. At this time, the Chicago and Milwaukee Railroad connected Milwaukee to the county seat of Waukegan, and it expanded throughout the Lake County area over the next few decades; this also contributed to the town’s prosperity.Henry Ford’s invention of the automobile in the early 20th century made Half Day a more accessible destination to other communities within the Chicago metropolitan area, and the village became a popular recreation area. This prompted the opening of many businesses, including an amusement park, a race track, a bowling alley, a dance hall, and taverns, that catered to visitors.

Vernon Township, in which the village of Half Day lay, was carved up between wealthy farmers after the end of World War I. Edward Ryerson, Adlai E. Stevenson II, Samuel Insull, and Louis Leverone bought the majority of the territory within Vernon Township’s borders. Leverone, who had purchased the Half Day area, sold a tract of land to developer Roger Ladd and his eponymous company in 1955. The company organized a residential subdivision out of the ceded town of Half Day and christened it “Lincolnshire”, the precursor to the present-day village of the same name. However, life in the village was problematic, as the new subdivision was served by dirt roads and had neither a sufficient communal sanitation system nor a gas line. Lincolnshire’s police coverage was inefficient, as officers patrolling the area had to be dispatched from Waukegan, approximately 16 miles (26 km) to the north. As a result, the Cambridge Forest Association (CFA) was formed to lobby for improvement in the livelihoods of the people of Lincolnshire. With sponsorship from the Cambridge Forest Association, Lincolnshire was incorporated as a village on August 5, 1957. The CFA was later renamed the Lincolnshire Community Association; the entity continues to play a significant role in the political life of the village.

Lincolnshire’s government initially adhered to a conservative and cautious approach, and refused to annex two corporate park divisions in the 1980s. Opponents to the village government’s methods, however, won out in later years; supporting a quick growth to rival the increasing affluence of surrounding villages, they oversaw the cessions of the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort and Lincolnshire Corporate Center over a period of years following 1983. Lincolnshire also sought to annex the old remnants of the unincorporated community of Half Day from which it was created, but lost in a court battle with the village of Vernon Hills in 1994; the court case set the present-day border between the two villages, which lies along Route 22 up to its intersection with Milwaukee Avenue. To consolidate these new acquisitions, Lincolnshire set to work on a new village hall that was completed in 1993, and constructed a downtown area centered on the intersection of Aptakisic Road and Milwaukee Avenue; the village’s endeavors included commercial regions like the Lincolnshire Corporate Center, City Park, and the Lincolnshire Commons. These facilities were planned and constructed from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s.

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