Chicago Exhaust Fan Installation & Repair

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Chicago Exhaust Fan Installation & Repair

Most homes have a variety of exhaust fans to help pull air out of the house so fresh air can come in. There are several key parts to a standard exhaust fan, including the motor, blower wheel, grille, and a ventilation chute that ends up outside. If your exhaust fans aren’t performing the way they should, or if you need new ones installed in your home, call your local air quality expert for advice and an estimate.

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Do I Need Exhaust Fans?

Some homeowners find exhaust fans to be unnecessary, but they actually perform an important function inside your house. Some of the reasons it is a good idea to have exhaust fans in your home, include improved air circulation, removing excess humidity from the air, controlling odors and fumes, mold prevention and overall improved air quality.

Best Exhaust Fan Locations

There are two main types of exhaust fans used in most homes; a standard fan and inline fan. The standard exhaust fan has one fan that’s installed in the ceiling with one vent or chute leading to the outside, while an inline exhaust fan uses multiple vents leading to a fan mounted in the attic or on the roof. The places in your house that would benefit most from one of these types of exhaust fans include the bathroom, kitchen, garage and the attic. If any of these rooms in your house are without a good exhaust fan, or the one in there isn’t working, call for service as soon as possible.

Benefits of Professional Installation

Since a safe and properly functioning exhaust fan requires electrical wiring and proper venting, it’s important to leave any installation and repair to professionals. Someone with experience installing and repairing exhaust fans knows the proper way to vent them for maximum efficiency. If this step is performed incorrectly, the humid air can just end up in another part of the house, causing damaged wood or mold growth. Professional installers also know how powerful the fan should be for your home, and how to work with your local building codes to make the installation legal.

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