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Chicago Ductwork Installation Services

One of the elements of your heating and cooling system that most people take for granted is the ductwork. It is hidden from view and positioned between the furnace or AC and your vents and registers where the heated or cooled air comes out. The ductwork is responsible for allowing the heated or cooled air to travel to its final destination, which are the various rooms of your house. It seems like a simple task, but effective installation is a must.

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What is an Air Duct Leak?

Most people are familiar with leaking pipes or even a leaking air conditioner, but leaking air ducts? When this happens, there are points in the ductwork that weren’t installed correctly and air escapes on its way to the different rooms in the house. Instead of reaching its intended destination, some of it ends up in the attic or the basement or some other place that doesn’t need it.

Naturally, if the ducts are losing air then it will take more of it to reach the temperature that’s been programmed into the thermostat. This will increase your energy consumption and the amount of your energy bills. Along with poor installation techniques, air duct leaks can occur if the ducts are older and starting to wear down.

The Value of Regular Cleaning

Dirty air ducts will end up blowing particles into your living space, whether the ducts were installed properly or not. With regular use, dust, dirt and mold can form on the inside of your ductwork, making for a messy situation when the AC or furnace is running at full blast. Take the time to schedule annual duct cleaning so there are no airborne contaminants coming from your ducts to disturb your family members.

Leave Your Ducts to the Pros

The best way to ensure your ductwork has been installed correctly is to leave that part to professionals. It only takes a small miscalculation in the planning and layout to start losing air and losing money. Your ductwork is the pathway that brings heated and cooled air to you and your family, dictating how comfortable or uncomfortable you will be. Make sure that pathway is installed by someone with the expertise and experience to do it right.

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