Chicago AC Filters & Filter Replacement Services

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Chicago AC Filters & Filter Replacement Services

Well-informed homeowners know that a clogged, dirty AC filter means an air conditioning system that isn’t running as efficiently as it should. They also know that an inefficient air conditioner means higher energy bills, and no one wants that. The key is to change your filter before it becomes congested, so your AC never has to work any harder than necessary.

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The Need for a Clean AC Filter

Most people know that an air filter is designed to filter out particles and debris that you don’t want circulating in the air in your living space. The thought of sleeping peacefully and breathing in dust and dirt, or even worse, mold spores, is quite unsettling. That’s one reason your air conditioner comes with a filter, and why it should be clean at all times.

When it gets clogged, some of those particles end up getting into the air ducts and into the air you breathe. A clogged filter also makes it more difficult for the chilled air to get through the filter, so the AC has to work that much harder to meet the temperature you set on your thermostat. Changing the filter when it gets dirty solves both of these problems.

How Often Should It Be Changed?

Depending on where you live, whether or not you have pets and smokers in the house, and how much you use your air conditioning, you should probably change the filter between every three to six months. The real answer is change it when it’s dirty, but that’s a little too generic for some people. To be safe, check the AC filter every month during the AC’s heaviest usage, then adjust accordingly. It’s really all about efficiency, and since an AC filter is inexpensive and easy to change, being a little extra-cautious won’t hurt. If you aren’t comfortable making the change yourself, just call your local cooling expert to come in and replace it for you.

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