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Considering the amount of time and resources the average homeowner spends to ensure his home, vehicles and other valuables are kept safe, it’s strange how many air conditioners are left completely unprotected. Air conditioners may not have been a common target for thieves in the past, but all that has changed in recent years. Today, your outdoor AC unit is just as attractive to thieves as any other valuable, and taking measures to keep it safe is just part of the process.

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Keeping Your AC Unit Safe

AC cage installation With modern homes, almost every new construction includes an air conditioning system. The days of only certain homes having AC are long gone, and the abundance of air conditioners have created a new industry for thieves. When it comes to protecting your air conditioning unit, a high quality AC cage is likely your best bet. AC cages are made from thick gauge steel, and most provide an aesthetic benefit on top of the added security.

AC cages fit around the outdoor unit, but don’t obstruct the airflow that is so valuable to keeping the system running smoothly. Sometimes, homeowners try to hide the AC unit with shrubbery, but it can obstruct the airflow or damage the compressor. AC cages keep the unit safe from thieves and keep it running properly.

Why Thieves Target AC Units

In most cases, thieves are interested in the copper that resides within your air conditioning unit. It doesn’t take much time for them to get it, and while it doesn’t result in huge sums on the black market, money is money and with volume it can add up. Different thieves may have different motivations, but the main thing homeowners need to know is that AC units are being targeted and installing an AC cage will keep yours safe.

Benefits of a Professional AC Cage Installation

Although the standard AC cage looks relatively straightforward, professional installation is still important. A professional AC cage installation will make sure you have the optimum amount of space around the unit for proper airflow, and that the cage is installed securely, so thieves will be effectively deterred. With a small return on each set of copper from air conditioners, most thieves won’t even bother once they realize there is an AC cage firmly in place.

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